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Welcome to Nitelife Club Invite  


Being a member of Nitelife Club Member requires mutual trust for ALL members. Activities posted on For Nitelife Club Members Only page are strictly for MEMBERS VIEW ONLY. What’s shared or discussed on page should stay between members in the club. THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE. Our events/activities WILL NOT be posted or shared on Facebook. It’s a private club only. Members will be able to utilize Sip-N-Spin, Designated Driving Services Transportation and other services that we provide at a VERY COST. All members will receive a 4 digit password via email or text from me personally each time I offer discounts or hosting an event. All events will be held at Sip-N-Spin.

To become a member is very simple. The following is required:

An annual $20.00 per year membership fee.  You will receive a Membership Card and Nitelife Member Shirt for joining. If you don’t benefit from this club within a year or sooner. Your $20.00 will be returned in FULL and you can keep the shirt. No question ask! Check out For Out Nitelife Club Member Only page and see how you’ll benefit for joining this club. You’ll need to enter this (2021) temporary password to access the club page to review.

If you’re interested after reviewing the page, please come back to this page and fill out our membership form.


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