Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat


What Sets Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat Apart From All Other Laundromats? Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat is a full-service coin-op laundromat that provides customers with reliable machines, enjoyable party theme atmosphere and competitive pricing. Although the focus of Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat is a washing and drying service, we will offer our clients the convenience of other services at one location.

Prices: Normal Wash $2.50   –   Super Wash $3.00   –   Front Load Large Wash $5.00  /   Dryer $0.25

Our Services: Wash And Fold Drop-off Service ($0.90 Per Pound) – All you do is drop off your clothes and we will wash and fold them for you! Then all you have to do is pick them up, take them home and put them away!!  Free Pickup & Drop-off Transportation Service – Call Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat and schedule a FREE pick up for you and your laundry. We will come to take you and your laundry to wash, dry and fold yourself.  After you are done, we will return home.  (Available in Morrisville within 2 miles of Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat.  There is an additional charge for 3 miles or more) 

Other Services:  24 hour Security, Wash Supplies, Laundry Baskets, Folding Counter, Removable Folding Tables, Money Changer,  Lounge & Eating Area, Flat Screen TV, Vending Machine, Air-Conditioned, Transportation Service, Accessible Parking, BYOB Status and Facility Rental.