About Nitelife/DDS

NiteLife-N-PA & Designated Driving Services have joined together so that individuals and groups can visit ONE website for both entertainment and transportation.  It’s where you can plan a day or night out and schedule a ride at the same time.

NiteLife-N-PA promotes and supports local businesses in Bucks/Montgomery Counties and some Philadelphia areas for our NiteLife-N-PA & DDS members.  We keep our members up to date with information on which local businesses are offering discounts and any other events they have going on.Designated Driving Services will provide the transportation for you!!!!

Designated Driving Services is a nonprofit organization that offers you the opportunity to have a great night out with family or friends and not have to worry about a safe ride home.  You will find us uniquely different than other transportation services. We do whatever it takes to get you home safe and sound while also keeping our roads and communities safe.

Using Designated Driving Services is easy, safe and convenient.  All you have to do is schedule a pickup to/from your destination. Designated Driving Services will provide transportation for you!!!!  We will get you home in one of our clean, comfortable vehicles.


Contact Us: 

Designated Driving Services

Horsham, PA 19044


Email: gpj@designateddriverservices.org



Horsham, PA 19044

Email: nitelife@nitelife.us.com



Note: There is an assumption that Designated Driving Services only provides our services to individuals that drink!  That is untrue! We also provide additional transportation to individuals that may succumb to any potentially unsafe or otherwise hazardous circumstances.

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