DDS, Inc. Lottery Calendar Fundraiser

Rules & Calendar

Take this opportunity to participate in DDS, Inc. Lottery Calendar Fundraising, one of the fun “Fundraisers created by Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment to help support DDS, Inc. 100% of the proceed go directly to DDS, Inc cause. Contact our Fundraising/Events coordinator (Linda Colwell) at: 215-380-8923 for more information.


(1 Month Calendar For Only $10) Pick a 3 digit number. Than watch the PA Daily Night Number! You will have chances to win. If the number comes out you win the amount in that day on the calendar. you can purchase your calenders without leaving the confront of your own home. Just scan for donation, make a copy of calendar then send it to us by text, mail or photo. We can also mail them to you with a stamp return enevolope. We also have a (11 Months Calender fora $100) If your winning number come out while your watching it at Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment PRIVATE VENUE. We will double your winning! Visit to check winning numbers and location where you can purchase then. If you purchase three(3) or more calendars, You will receive a DDS, Inc T-Shirt to show our appreciation.


Locations To Purchase Your Calendars!

Sip-N-Spin – 15 S. Washington St., Morrisville PA

Lemek Automotive and Performance – 210 Jacksonville Road, Hatboro PA


January Winning Nunbers!

  • 1st (560)
  • 2nd (734)
  • 3rd (028)
  • 4th (653)
  • 5th (192)
  • 6th (310)
  • 7th (652)
  • 8th (429)
  • 9th (865)
  • 10th (585)
  • 11th (469)
  • 12th (160)
  • 13th (585)
  • 14th (712)
  • 15th
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