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Are you ready to have a blast while helping DDS, Inc. keep you, your family members, friends, and community safe along with creating part-time employment for our retired veterans who choose to?

Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment is thrilled to invite you to become a member and participate in our exciting fundraisers and game nights, all in support of DDS, Inc. and their mission to assist retired veterans part-time employment.

Nightlife in PA Entertainment is a vibrant organization that brings together entertainment enthusiasts and philanthropists. By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to join us in hosting fun-filled fundraisers and game nights that raise funds for DDS, Inc. and support our veterans.

Here’s why you should consider joining Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment and participating in our fundraisers and game nights:

1. Fun for a Cause: Our fundraisers and game nights are designed to provide an enjoyable experience for all participants. From family-friendly events to thrilling casino-style games, there’s something for everyone. You can have a great time while contributing to a meaningful cause.

2. Support Our Veterans: DDS, Inc. is dedicated to assisting retired veterans, providing them with part-time employment. By participating in our fundraisers and game nights, you directly contribute to our mission and make a positive impact in the lives of our veterans that still want to make a differance.

3. Networking and Community Engagement: Joining Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment allows you, family members, friends and businesses to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for entertainment and philanthropy. Join us and build your relationships, expand your network, and engage with the community while supporting a worthy cause.

4. Memorable Experiences: Our fundraisers and game nights are designed to create lasting memories. Whether you’re competing in a lively game of Family Feud, testing your luck in a game of LRC Dice, or trying your hand at Blackjack, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time while supporting DDS, Inc. and our veterans.

5. Last but not least.. You will receive “PRIORITY” services on “ALL” Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment EventsTransportation Service and Food Truck Service.

We invite you to become a member of Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment and participate in our fundraisers and game nights to support DDS, Inc. and our veterans. Your involvement can make a significant difference in our community. We are excited to welcome new members who are passionate about entertainment and dedicated to supporting our veterans.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to be a part of Nitelife-N-PA Entertainment and make a meaningful impact on our community. Let’s have fun while supporting a great cause!

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