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  1. It looks like you’ve misspelled the word “Laundrymat” on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


    1. Thank you Karen,

      I know how to spell Laundromat. 🙂 Sip-N-Spin Laundromat is OWNED by another laundromat. So, I had to spell it “Laundrymat”. I don’t think you read the whole website. If you have – I think you would have notice it’s only misspelled when I mention Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat. Sell your ad someplace else. I have a proofreader. She’s not perfect but no one is.

      Sip-N-Spin Laundrymat

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